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  1. Val Pantoja on Mar 18, 2008 12:58 pm |

    Hi Arran, What a great camera you have. I’ve been hunting for one of these for a long time but havent been luck enough to get one ( a black one that is ! ) There is one on ebay but I placed my bid and for some reason they rejected my bid. Would you let me know if you know of anyone interested in selling his SP black body? Thank you Arran and what a COOL, COOL, COOL camera you own !!

  2. Andrea on Aug 14, 2008 5:32 am |

    Hello Arran! What a beautiful black SP! I wonder if you ever take it out or if it has to remain in the display cabinet all the time…
    Let me tell you my 35SP Story: After having had some very nice results with a 35 RC (these are inexpensive and very cute cameras!!!) I wanted to try the flagship and was scanning through ebay – but the cameras I encountered were either of questionable quality, or rather expensive. A few days later I was at a flea market in the neighbourhood – and I could not believe it! A 35 SP in a heap of things on a table! I asked the man, and he… hmmm 7 Euros? I could not believe it – was like a wonder to me! The camera was perfect, meter, lens, everything perfect, alone the B+W filter on the lens is worth at least three times the amount I paid. Since then I made quite a lot of films with it and although it is quite a brick in the backback I carry it along a lot. The 35SP is really a gem and the results are outstanding! I love my SP!! Cheers Andrea

  3. Thanks Andrea and Val 🙂
    Yes i love these SP’s, the blacks ones seem extra special, but i still really like the look of the silver ones too.
    In relation to your question Andrea, i definately do use the camera. It was the only camera i used for a few months and i really enjoyed it. Plus i dont even have a display cabinet if i wanted to “retire” it anyway, haha.
    You got a terrific deal with yours, 7 Euros. Mine wasnt as cheap as yours, but still a very good price. I hope you’re getting alot of use out of yours. Best of luck!
    Oh, i hope your find a black SP eventually Val, there are currently 2 on ebay at the moment which is a very rare occurance.
    Have fun 😉

  4. Hi there my Grandma left me a silver one and I have been trying it out today. To be honest I have no idea how to use the lens. Apart form timer, focus and possibly apperture. Are there any manuals left for the camera?


  5. verstft on Mar 5, 2011 3:20 am |

    I just got my hands on an perfect condition 35SP. My only problem is that you can’t buy mercury batteries anymore for the meter. Do you know a solution to this problem?

  6. Hi there. If you search around the web there are many different solutions. You can get battery adapters, use modern batteries and adjust for the meter differences, or convert the camera internally to use modern batteries correctly. Good luck!

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  8. I too have the black version and totally love it. The camera had the issue with the battery voltage so it was repaired by Essex Camera Repair in NJ, it now uses the readily available battery rather than the original mercury. The meter is very accurate now and that beautiful viewing window really makes the camera a joy to use. I also have a Contax G1, a highly sophisticated camera with extraordinary lenses, but it’s not nearly as fun to use as the Sp35.

  9. Nice little write up.
    I just found one of these in my local charity shop (a ‘Thrift store’ in Amercia?) for a hefty price of $5 and it’s in mint condition, lens cap and what looks to be the original case 🙂
    Taking it down to my local camera shop for a good cleaning and a few rolls of film… can’t wait to get it fired up.

  10. Mark Young on Feb 7, 2015 3:58 am |

    I too have a Black version, and just like Pingback, I sent mine to Essex in NJ for the battery calibration, cost about $100 but it came back in beautiful condition and works great.

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