• olympus-box

    The reason I do this

    A lot can happen in four years… A lot did. 2011 was my last post on this blog and in that time much has happened that took precedent over posting new content. Further to this, beyond the occasional roll of film through my mju:II my OM’s and other …

  • frames

    A whole lotta randoms

    Ahh 2011. 2010 was bit of a whirlwind year for a number of reasons, so I’m looking forward to a more enjoyable new year. To start off the new year I developed an old roll I had kicking around in a camera I don’t use very …

  • om4vc

    Olympus OM4 + Bessa Grip

    Some months ago I decided to get back into black and white shooting after spending about a year shooting colour on a p&s. It’s always refreshing to have bit of a change, and whilst I don’t make a conscious effort to exclusively shoot on one medium …

  • IMG_8627

    Visual Sociology – Car Culture

    For another Uni assignment (for my visual sociology class) we had to find a current social issue and conduct a photographic study on it. For something a little bit different, I chose to look at the demonisation of car enthusiasts and the derogatory blanket  label of …

  • 3

    Expired Film

    Just like cameras, I hoard film, and for some reason I quite often come across people throwing it out, or shops clearing it off their shelves. I can’t stand the thought of film being thrown in landfill somewhere when it can be used for something creative …

  • IMG_0411

    Urban Study

    As part of one of the subjects in the Masters course I started at the beginning of semester, we had to document a urban social phenomenon. Here are a few photos from the set of 15. To sum it up briefly, the photographic essay was looking …

  • sunburst

    Been a while

    Wow, it’s been quite a while since my last post. Time flies. Things have been incredibly busy lately. There’s so much on, some exciting, some not so much. I’ll be updating with one of the more exciting things soon (should hopefully be finalised within the next …

  • a

    A Car Took Me There

    Been doing a bit of driving lately, so it’s only natural that some of my photos are taken from the car. Here are a few from a set. My scanner doesn’t like film anymore, so I have to scan prints – luckily I always get prints. …

  • snapshots

    Oh yeah, I’m still here

    Been quite a while since my last post for a number of reasons. Nothing bad, all good, but my priorities have been with offline pursuits lately. I’m trying to minimise the amount of time I spend on the net and computers in general also, which is …

  • 3

    Last for a while

    Just some random scans I had lying around. Been shooting colour lately, and waiting to get about a dozen rolls finished to developed them in one hit (i’ll be doing it myself). These may be the last b&w shots I post up for a while.

  • Konica Big Mini

    Sydney Camera Market… Again

    I’ve been to the last few camera markets in Sydney and have had a lot of fun. A great range of cameras, most at pretty good prices. I never actually “need” anything when i go, so normally set myself a very low budget (about $20) and …

  • zuikopair

    A Nice Find

    Well, sometimes you get lucky. I have stayed away from that evil online auction site for a while now, but the other week I was killing some time so took a look at the camera section. Nothing amazing really, but I found a listing advertising some …