I am a Sydney based gallerist and artist working in photographic, sculptural and painted mediums. I hold a Masters degree from College of Fine Art in Sydney and before that a background in design. When I’m not spending time on my own work, I run a boutique design agency called demibold and an Art Gallery in Glebe, Sydney called Salerno Gallery.

I’m not interested in, nor do I attempt to appoint an air of pomposity or profoundness to my creative output. This website primarily exists as a personal record of my work and an avenue to connect with people who share similar interests. This website will predominately feature photographic work as it lends itself best to the medium.

What draws me to photography is the process, that is why I enjoy using film. This process of shooting, developing and then printing is something I hopefully continue to develop and improve on over time. The process is the challenge and the reward. I don’t ascribe to any genre or philosophy of photography with my own work. I just take photos of what interests me, and what interests me is capturing a moment of time and being given the chance to represent or create a new context for it in the form of a static image. It’s challenging and rewarding and something I fail at more than I succeed which is why I persist.

I’ve been lucky to exhibit photographic and sculptural work in Sydney and continue to develop my practice looking for new artistic opportunities both locally and abroad. If you would like to get in contact with me, please feel free to use the contact page or email me here.

* I have a penchant for Olympus OM system cameras. Like M mount rangefinders. Wishes I could still buy Neopan 400. Persists with Rodinal. Has too many unfinished projects.